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A unit of competency is the determination of information and aptitude, and the utilization of that information and expertise, to the standard of execution expected in the working environment. A unit of competency (CU) is the smallest unit that can be surveyed and perceived.

Using CUs, Career Craft Technologies can successfully distinguish and satisfying basic, popular IT jobs and obligations. Thus, CUs enable us to shorten the sourcing and satisfaction the lifecycle for our customers. These CUs enable us to give the top tier skill, isolate gifts, thought initiative, and industry best practices for these ventures and advances.

Every CU comprises of exceptionally experienced specialized selection representatives with critical involvement with the particular zone of abilities and mastery that they center around.

Benefits of Career Craft Technologies CUs:

  • Effective and efficient fulfillment lifecycle
  • Flexible and more ensured predictable pricing for our clients
  • Easier access to the experts in niche or in-demand IT areas
  • Low attrition rates
  • Re-deployment options, leading to a high percentage of resources completing their assignments on or before time.