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Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented,] and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. It is intended to let application developers "write once, run anywhere" (WORA). Meaning that compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation. Java applications are typically compiled to byte code that can run on any Java virtual machine (JVM) regardless of computer architecture.


Core Java alludes to an assortment of libraries as opposed to simply the programming language. It's the most flawless type of Java fundamentally utilized for improvement of general work area applications. Essentially, it alludes to the subset of Java SE advances which comprises of both universally useful API's and particular intention API's. It furnishes the center usefulness of Java with the profound information on the Java language itself. Core Java is only a piece of Java which represents J2SE containing every one of the fundamentals of Java including a few standards and bundle subtleties. It's an independent Java application which covers everything from OOP ideas to extraordinary administrators, from information types to wrapper classes, from Linked rundown to Array rundown, and line to special case dealing with. There are three registering stages dependent on the Java programming language, including the Java SE. Notwithstanding the universally useful API's, it comprises of advancement instruments, a virtual machine, and different class libraries. Core Java is a registering stage utilized for creating Java applications for work areas and servers.


Advanced Java is the next level concept of Java programming. The advanced java programming covers the Swings, Socket Programming, and AWT, Thread Concepts as well as the Collection objects and classes. "Advanced Java" is nothing but specialization in domains such as web, networking and data base handling. Java was originally developed by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems (which has since been acquired by Oracle Corporation) and released in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems‟ Java platform. The language derives most of its syntax from C and C++, but it has fewer low-level facilities than either of them.

    Opportunities available for Java Programmers:
  • People‟s Popularity of Programming Language Index, which ranks languages according to popularity. It is based on tutorial searches, says Python, JavaScript, R, and Swift are gaining attraction in India though Java and PHP still retain the largest share of search.
  • There is one clear trend from the multiple surveys on the most widely used programming language worldwide: Java and JavaScript still rule the coding world.

If one talks about job opportunities in field of Java, knowledge of it is required with lot of new positions such as “Java-UI Developers‟, ‟Full Stack Java ‟, “Front End Developer” “Backend Java Developer” many others. Hence, there are numerous jobs opportunities available in Java, J2EE combining with other new technologies. A skill in Spring is associated with high pay for this Java Programmer salary is the most lucrative in the field of computer and software development industry. Java language has become one of the “hottest” in USA terms of market trends and job opportunities.

Our JAVA course structure includes:

Object Oriented Programming and Java, Classes and Objects, Interfaces, Exception Handling, Inheritance, Basic Input/output stream in Java, Java collections, Inner classes and packages, Multi threading, Date time handling, AWT and Swing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery, XML and JSON, Microservices, spring boot, Hibernate, Webservices and many more(based on requirements).

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